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The Youth Football for Northwest High School

Northwest Youth Football is a non-profit, developmental program with the goal to encourage football participation into the high school years and beyond.

We Will:

  • Provide age-appropriate, developmental games for youth in kindergarten through grade 7
  • Focus on strong fundamentals and player development
  • Create a positive experience with the game of football
  • Build a strong feeder system in coordination with the Northwest varsity football program
  • Participate in the Iowa Developmental Youth Football League

Board Members

  • Brad Eckerman
  • Dr. Shawn Hancock 
  • Jay Pearson
  • Corey Kopatich  
  • Nick Ross
  • Steve Stanley
  • Dr. Tim Vinyard 
  • Randy Wilharber
  • Jud Eastman
  • Andy Stoulil
  • Randy Kasparbauer
  • John Habermann
  • Ty Noard 
  • Tyler Forret
  • Thomas Jackovin
  • Brad Munford

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